1. Why do you have two different websites?
I felt it was best to keep mostly digital and physical items separate since I tend to close my main shop a lot. Adding a second site makes it so digitals are available at all times!

2. Can I combine shipping from your main shop?
No. This slows down my processing times.

3. How do your processing times work?
All items on this site are tied to my Patreon (patreon.com/constanzzze) and I do batch printing. Each month, I will have a cutoff date for orders to get in that monthly batch. If you place an order after that cutoff date, your order will ship with the following months batch. There may be some situations in which I can ship orders before that, but please do not count on it.

4. Why do you use cutoff dates each month?
This greatly helps to speed up processing times for the various projects I have going at once. Once I have my cutoff date, I am able to dedicate a block of time to filling orders for this site and Patreon and can easily move them out the door rather than filling one order at a time.

5. Do I have to be a Patron to get anything on this site?
Nope! Anyone can purchase items from this site. Patrons do get a discount though :)

6. What is this Patreon thing you keep talking about?
Patreon is a platform in which you can support me at various tiers each month. I have tiers ranging from $1-$33. $13 tiers and up get monthly mail from me based off of a theme. Patrons also get a sweet discount and behind the scenes info :) It is a great way to support me if you love getting goodies each month. Check it out here: patreon.com/constanzzze